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Ethiopia - Kilenso Mokonisa (honey)

Exe Coffee Roasters

Ethiopia - Kilenso Mokonisa (honey)

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Origin: Ethiopia - Kilenso Mokonisa (washing station)

Region:  Guji / Kerrecha smallholders

Process: Honey

Varietal:  100% Heirloom

Taste Notes:  Light body, tangerine, fragrant

Grind:  Choose at checkout


On a remote hillside in Kerrecha, Ethiopia, Israel Degfa and his small dedicated team collect cherries from small farms from the surrounding areas. These cherries are all hand sorted and graded by density. The denser beans are then set to rest in their sticky mucilage upon raised beds where they are slowly kissed by the sun, over a couple of days, as the honey process sets in. This demanding process provides the green beans with a deep boozy sweetness.

Kilenso Mokonisa Washing station is one of the primary washing stations in the Guji region. The producer - Israel - is working hard in hand with the Rainforest Alliance which aims at making coffee farming always more sustainable. Organic by default, these beans are of high quality, creating a flavour profile that is unlike any other Ethiopian coffee Exe Coffee Roasters have roasted before.

The Kilenso Mokonisa through filter has two personalities, the first being fresh tea-like character who sits at the front of the mouth, and stands behind a subtle sweet notes of mango. 




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