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Colombia - Las Margaritas (Red Bourbon honey)

Exe Coffee Roasters

Colombia - Las Margaritas (Red Bourbon honey)

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Origin:  Colombia - Las Margaritas (Cafe Granja La Esperanza)

Region:  Valle del Cauca

Process:  Honey 

Varietal:  100% Red Bourbon

Taste Notes:  Subtle mango acidity followed with a soft chocolate aftertaste, all smoothly balanced with an overall caramel sweetness

Grind:  Choose at checkout

"Cafe Granja La Esperanza" is a worldwide-known group of small Colombian farms put together by Luis Herrera, and now owned by his son Rigoberto. Over the years, the Herreras' work has become a reference for innovation, quality and ethics on the international coffee scene, and the Red Bourbon from Las Margaritas farm is no exception.

This rare varietal is only grown on two hectares of the farm and is carefully selected and hand-picked almost on a daily basis. Workers in Las Margaritas are paid hourly to look after the crop hence providing the ripest cherries and guaranteeing the quality of the Red Bourbon flavours sublimed by the honey-style drying process. No water is used or wasted during this long and demanding process which makes the growing and drying of the coffee beans totally eco friendly. So many stages that are put together to grow a one-of-a-kind coffee that will give you boozy cherry flavours wrapped up in a natural sweetness.

Exe Coffee Roasters have come up with a soft roast for this diva to honour the hard work of producers from Las Margaritas with a coffee that will be the ultimate treat for aficionados or a delightful encounter for casual coffee drinkers.

Espresso or filter, there is no wrong way to enjoy those complementary notes of mango and soft chocolate sweetly balanced in a smooth caramel envelope.



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