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Neighbourhood Blend
Neighbourhood Blend

Exe Coffee Roasters

Neighbourhood Blend

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Country of Origin: 

Brazil - Fazenda Freitas (natural)    40%

Guatemala - Bosque De San Francisco (washed)    40%

Ethiopia - Guji Egubaya (washed)    20%

Taste Notes: Biscotti, Black Cherry, Dark Chocolate finish


The Neighbourhood Blend is what defines Exe Coffee Roasters.

Whether you're weighing coffee to within 0.01g of perfection, making a brew for the dinner guests, or in desperate need of a morning pick-me-up, the Neighbourhood is the delicious, fool-proof solution for all.

Always using seasonal greens, always roasted in the same style, always creating that solid, dependable cup.



Origin:  Rwanda - Kageya 

Region:  Kageya 

How it is processed:  Fully washed 

Varietal:  Red Bourbon 

Altitude: 1700MASL

Taste Notes:  Cola, Dark Cherry, Star Anise


When we cupped the samples sent from Nordic Approach, we very nearly missed this special peaberry from the Kageyo washing station in the town of Ngororero. Luckily Jon named it as his favourite on the table.

Steve was instantly reminded of spangle sweets, and our head barista Sam tasted lighter cola cherry flavours, which sums up how juicy and more-ish this coffee is (especially when brewed as V60 or Chemex).

Finishing notes are star anise and more delicate, with an addictive acidity.




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