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Guatemala - Acatenango BOURBON (washed)
Guatemala - Acatenango BOURBON (washed)
Guatemala - Acatenango BOURBON (washed)

Exe Coffee Roasters

Guatemala - Acatenango BOURBON (washed)

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Origin:  Guatemala - Finca El Zapote

Region:  Valle de Acatenango

Process:  Washed

Varietal:100% Bourbon

Taste Notes:  Yellow fruit, lichee, dark chocolate aftertaste

Grind:  Choose at checkout

The farm El Zapote is situated between two volcanos in the Acatenango Valley (near Antigua, Guatemala) and has belonged to the Perez family for five generations now. For more than 150 years, the Perez have passed on their love and knowledge of coffee hence ensuring the ever growing quality of their production.

Julio Melendez Perez who is in charge of the finca is attached to his family's philosophy and looks after the unique farm eco-system that provides optimal temperatures, cloud coverage and sunlight for growing coffee. Part of the farm is a natural reserve and the wet-mill used for the washing process only needs a small amount of water which is filtered and recycled after use. Julio's priority is also to ensure his workers' welfare by building a strong and reliable relationship with his customers: this is another reason why quality prevails at El Zapote. 

Exe Coffee Roasters are excited to showcase this new bourbon from El Zapote that we have chosen to roast in small batches to get the most out of the coffee's cheeky fruity notes. If you need a treat, this coffee is the one for you!



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