The XCR Story


Since 2004, we’ve been building a reputation for making good coffee. In the early days, Kim and Steve operated from a tiny coffee van, serving customers at festivals, markets and events. What kept us going through many years of serving coffee, out in all weathers’, was getting to know the regular customers and receiving lovely comments about the coffee.

When we built our first speciality coffee shop - Devon Coffee - in 2012, Steve really wanted to install our first coffee roaster to meet the demand from our customers who wanted to buy our coffee to take home. Clearly, the little shop was too small so we concentrated on making a great independent coffee shop with an inviting friendly vibe and well made coffee.



Our Roaster

Along side operating Devon Coffee, Steve built our first coffee roaster.This proved to be a valuable project, learning about airflow, affects of heat, drum speed and ultimately how a roast profile affects the coffee we drink. In 2015, we purchased the Probatone 12 and installed it into our current roastery in the centre of Exeter.

Our business now concentrates in supporting wholesale customers with XCR roasted coffee, training and support. We operate a coffee shop from the roastery that stocks retail coffee and equipment and welcome all visitors.