We’ve made it our business to supply the finest quality, sustainably sourced beans to speciality coffee shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs throughout Devon.

Doing that successfully takes trust; it’s about building partnerships. And having set up, run and grown a thriving local coffee shop of our own, we think we’re uniquely qualified to support you in creating an exceptional coffee experience for your customers. So no matter what, we'll be by your side. We’ll be listening to you, understanding your customers, your staff, and working with you to find your perfect coffee match.

How We Roast

Our coffees are hand-roasted in Exeter. We've spent years perfecting our craft so we can bring you a range of ethically sourced espresso blends that your team will love to make, and your customers will love to drink. And you never need worry about consistency because quality checking is at the heart of what we do at EXE Coffee Roasters. Our team profile and sample two to three new coffees a week, and we are always modifying the roasting process in our continual quest to find the optimal flavour (or two, or three). That’s what makes us so special.

White Label Service

Looking to create a blend that’s bespoke to your business? Whether you’re setting up your own coffee brand or you want to serve something that’s completely unique to you, we’ll work together to create something special.

An Ethical Choice

From soil to cup, we know every journey our coffee makes. From the hands that pick the fruit to the way it’s washed and dried, how it travels and finally the process it goes through in our roastery, we leave no bean unturned. To do this we choose to only work with suppliers we know to be experts in ethical sourcing. Take a look at our full list of green bean suppliers to find out more about where our coffee comes from.