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Neighbourhood Blend
Neighbourhood Blend
Neighbourhood Blend
Neighbourhood Blend

Exe Coffee Roasters

Neighbourhood Blend

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 Brazil Aprod
Guatemala Finca El Zapote (Acatenango)
Ethiopia Yirgaceffe

Taste Notes:  Cocoa nib sweetness, apricot and biscotti finish

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This much loved and most popular repeat purchase form the webshop.

The Neighbourhood blend is the delicious, fool-proof solution for all. A top end espresso that is rich in body with balanced acidity and a sweet finish. A perfect cafetiere with gentle acidity, big mouthfeel and notes of chocolate to finish.

A blend is about achieving a flavour that is greater than the sum of its parts and we have been perfecting the Neighbourhood blend for some six years.  Our roast profile continues to find ways of bringing out the very best that the component coffees have to offer.



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