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Elevating Neighbourhood Blend Pods to Perfection

Upgrade your coffee game and brew better coffee at home with OPAL One and enjoy our speciality coffee with exceptional flavour.

If you appreciate the ease of single-portion coffee pods and value the quality of your brew, OPAL One is your ideal companion.

OPAL One blends tech expertise with coffee industry know-how for a convenient high-quality speciality coffee experience.

Featuring intelligent flow control and special silicon brewing chamber ensure consistent extraction, no leaks, so no weak, watery espresso. With adjustable temperature and pressure options, Opal caters to coffee connoisseurs, providing a richer, fuller-bodied brew.

  • Customisable settings
  • Unique silicon brew chamber
  • Intelligent flow rate
  • Adjustable brew temperature
  • 800ml tank capacity


Colour : Black 

Dimensions: L 42cm x W 15cm x H 29cm

Power specifications: 220-240v